Barry Ressler

Mr. Ressler is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Interplanetary Space Sciences (IPSSCI), IPSSCI and its affiliate companies and partners are space qualifying their earth-based science and technology products and systems to deploy for 21st Century Lunar and Interplanetary Humans in Space exploration, colonization and tourism.

Mr. Ressler also founded STAR Associates, Inc., ( in 1994, now in its 28th , to provide corporate, technology and product development, IP analysis, market landscape assessment, competitive strategies, and financial transaction advisory services to public and private companies in emerging technologies.

Mr. Ressler is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of EP Therapeutics, Inc. a bio-pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of a revolutionary new class of therapeutics, a safer, alternative treatment for human cancers by eliminating the need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment protocols. EP Therapeutics is an affiliate company of Interplanetary Space Sciences (IPSSCI).

From 1994 to 2018, Mr. Ressler co-founded Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. (T3i) and served as the CEO and Chairman . The company engaged in the non-chemical pathogen inactivation of blood products; photo-activation of therapeutic compounds and the treatment and control of micro-organism contaminated fluids for the industrial, food packaging, and beverage industries, and licensed the technology to major pharmaceutical companies.

From 1975 to December 1993, he served as CEO and Chairman of Universal Voltronics Corporation (UVC), a public company (NASDAQ and AMEX) that developed high-voltage Pulse Power products for scientific research, SDIO defense, alternative energy sources, medical diagnostics/therapeutics and for industrial applications. In March 1990, UVC became a public subsidiary of Thermo Electron Corp, now Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Mr. Ressler serves on the Board of Directors of Forever Identity Inc. (, a Delaware Corporation that has developed and patented three distinct products to create and preserve identity, biography, memory, personality, and physical aspects to allow interaction with future generations. FOREVER Identity combines artificial intelligence, decision, ethical and moral engines, semantic and ontology experts to provide cutting-edge products space industry diagnostics, historic figure preservation. Education (STEM) and telemedicine applications. Forever Identity is an affiliate company of Interplanetary Space Sciences (IPSSCI).

Mr. Ressler served on the Board of Directors of StemCyte Inc., a global company engaged in Public and Private Umbilical Cord Blood Banking operations and advanced stem cell therapeutics for spinal cord injury, stroke, diabetes, thalassemia, and Leukemia.

From 1994 to 2007 Mr. Ressler served as a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the of Corporate Governance Committee of JMAR Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ JMAR) the originator of Collimated Plasma Lithography and products for the public and private sectors based on its proprietary “Britelight(TM)” laser light source and homeland security, for the detection of explosives, toxic gases (nerve and blister agents), and pollutant detection.

From 1996 to 2004 Mr. Ressler has also served as a member of the Nauticos Corp. Sciences Business and Technology Advisory Board. Nauticos developed advanced side scan sonar, ROV and research protocols used in the discovery of historic and contemporary sunken vessels.

Mr. Ressler has also served on the scientific advisory boards of the University of Connecticut Biotechnology Center, Modal Technology Corp ( and RDX ( He has been an invited speaker to the Parenteral Drug Association, the FDA for Aseptic and Advanced Sterilization Technologies, the United Nations conference for the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Medicine and is a member of the Global AI Pioneers Strategy Organization.

Mr. Ressler holds 7 patents in the field of monochromatic UV sterilization of industrial fluids, blood products, injectables, ophthalmic healthcare packaged products and Parenteral Drug Delivery IV/Renal Bag technology and food/beverage
process applications.